HBOMax Goes Politically Correct: Takes Away Elmer Fudd's Rifle.

images: Warner Brothers

HBOMax debuted a short time ago and the top streaming show is not Game of Thrones. It's not Friends either. It's actually Looney Tunes cartoons. But viewers have noticed that HBOMax has gone politically correct.

They have taken away Elmer Fudd's gun in an effort to not depict gun violence. The gun he used (he plays a hunter) has been replaced with something that may satisfy anti-gun viewers. But it isn't less scary. Instead of Elmer's trademark rifle, they have him hunting with a scythe. You know, the pointy round knife blade that's usually on top of the grim reaper's stick.

There's still dynamite and other terrorizing instruments of destruction, just no Fudd gun.

Reaction has been mixed.

And by the way, it applies to all characters. Even Yosemite Sam.