Minneapolis City Council Announces Intent to Disband the Police Department

Calls to "defund the police" have been echoed by Black Lives Matter activists across the country following the murder of George Floyd -- and the Minneapolis city council just announced their historic intention to disband the city’s police department, replacing it with a new system of public safety. [If you need an explanation of what exactly that looks like, you're not alone. Keep scrolling!]

Mayor Jacob Frey appeared on Good Morning America to discuss the announcement, saying that while he is for massive reform, he does not support the complete abolishment of the police force.

Sam Levin at The Guardian writes:

"It is unclear how quickly this process could move, and what the transition could look like. Supporters are pushing for the council to start with taking money away from the police budget and investing in other government departments, social services and programs, while launching a community process for creating alternative systems."

Minneapolis wouldn't be the first place in the United States to try this, though -- check out the article below to see how it's worked out for the city of Camden, New Jersey.