George Floyd's Old Homework Found. "I want to be a supreme court justice".

George Floyd, the man who died while a policeman kneeled on his neck, wrote an assignment in second grade. His 2nd grade teach found it from 38 years ago. In it, he wrote:

'‘When I grow up, I want to be a Supreme Court judge’

Many people find it ironic that he wanted to help shape the law of the land as a child, but his death may arguably change the course of many laws and altered the conversation about race relations like no one since Martin Luther King Jr.

But others are saying he should never have been murdered, but he was not a saint. That the entirety of his life has to include the many bad choices he made before his death made him a household name.

Reports have said Floyd left Houston for Minneapolis to change his life for the better.

What do you think? Should the conversation include his past crimes? Or should we only focus on his death? Or should we not focus as much on him indivivually, but the larger conversation and movement his death started?