New Terrifying Sounds Come From The Golden Gate Bridge All Day and Night

What if there was a terrifying sound that rung through the streets of your city that sounded like a horror movie? You'd at the very least be annoyed. But you could also suffer extreme trauma. It never stops. Day or Night. Always haunting you.

That's what's happening in San Francisco, where a high pitched squeel (that some have described as scream-like) whistles through the air. And people are getting freaked out by it.

As the tweet says, the sound is the result of some architectural modifications, but no one anticipated the sound of the constant wind that flows over the Golden Gate.

The sound can be heard for miles around the bridge, meaning the people of San Francisco and Saulsalito can't escape it. Look how far away this next video is taken.

Right now, there's no relief in sight. There are no plans by the city to alter the bridge to eliminate the sounds.