Your Eye Color Reveals Your Personality

We've all suspected that certain personality traits go with how someone looks, but we've never had much science to back it up (think "redheads have tempers" as an example). But a study at Orebro University in Sweden has studied how the color of youe eyes can determine your personality.

So what do they say you eyes say about you? Here's a video and a rundown by eyecolor below.

Here's a summary of the findings from


Brown-eyed people are usually very confident and assertive. They're also great in conflict situations because they're agreeable people who are willing to listen to everyone's point of view before giving their own.

Dark Brown/Black

you're probably even more confident than your brown-eyed companions. This eye color is a natural born leader, always ready to take on the world. You're never one to follow the crowd, but you can expect them to follow you

Hazel (green-brown mix)

Hazel-eyed people are truly one-of-a-kind. No two personalities will ever really be anything alike. However,one common trait these people usually have is independence


Those with green eyes have a pleasant demeanor and can tend to be rather unpredictable, but are also very creative.


They just might be the strongest of all eye colors. Blue-eyed people are able to tolerate pain much better than any other color. Blue eyed people know how to manage their emotions and can handle the negative ones. Cautiousness is also in your nature.

Light Gray

Those with light gray eyes tend to keep a guard up around their exterior. You won't let just anyone in - but once you do, you'll open yourself up to them completely

Dark Gray

Thave the most balanced personality of all the eye colors. You have two separate sides of your personality and you always know exactly which one to be and when to be it. You've always got a little devil and angel on your shoulder telling you what to do.

Photo byMichael MorsefromPexels