A Rabbit Painted Black Brings Together 2 Nashville Neighbors

Two Nashville neighbors who never met came together over a stone rabbit statue. Carlos Whitaker approached his older white neighbor after he painted one of the white rabbit statues black. Carlos recognized it for what it was, an acknowledgement of support to the black community in these times of unrest. Carlos apologized to his neighbor for assuming that he wouldn't like him because he was an older white man and had a US flag hanging on his front porch.

The began talking and are now good friends. The Instagram outlet, Good News Movement, ran the story and this Nashville neighborly exchange became worldwide news.

In the post, they described it like this:

Carlos Whittaker says his 70-year-old neighbor hadn’t ever acknowledged him in the past 4 years. Yesterday, Carlos noticed his neighbor down on his knees, painting one of the bunny sculptures in his front yard black. Carlos told Good News Movement seeing this made him cry and prompted him to walk over, extend a hand and go beyond judgments. WATCH!

Update: Carlos says his neighbor is his new best friend- that they chatted over wine for 3 hours tonight. 🍷

Via my friend @loswhit