How To Watch Youtube Videos With No Ads. Easy Hack.

You're trying to show your friend the video of that guy who gets slapped in the face by the fish and then...

you have to sit through ads for 2 minutes so you can see the 10 second clip.

.. and the comedic moment is lost. There is a way to watch Youtube videos without those pre-roll ads. And there's also a way to watch long videos (like that 8 hour lo-fi chill music to study to) without those ads inserted every 8 minutes. And it truly is super easy. But use it before Youtube fixes the hack.

First, find the video you want to watch. Perhaps this video of a prank we played in the studio.

Click on the address bar. Put your cursor after the "m" in .com and add a period (like pictured below). That's it.

This hack has made it to reddit, so Google may work on this hack soon. After all, that's how they make money: ads. But enjoy it while it lasts.

And if you want to actually watch the demon prank, here it is from a few years back. Our dang website wouldn't allow use to put the extra period in the web address, so there might be an ad. Ugh.