Kid Rock's Nashville Bar Cited During Covid Rules Crackdown

14 Nashville businesses were cited for not following the city's phase II rules on serving and operating during Covid-19. Among them was Kid Rock's Big A$$ Honky Tonk. This is after Nashville had one it's worst spike in Covid cases months.

Kid Rock's place received a citation for serving people who were seated at the bar and for not observing proper social distancing while inside the establishment.

Just reading the citation it doesn't sound like a much of a offense. But then there's the pics coming out of the Broadway bar from Saturday.

Honky Tonk Central was also cited. Many of the businesses say they will fight the city's orders and the citations.

Steve Smith, who owns the above bars and several others thinks there's a double standard. “It is selective prosecution. If Mayor Cooper can go and invite 10,000 people or 5,000 people to a rally in violation of his own phases but apply a different standard to the business owners here in Davidson county, that's wrong,” Lewis told FOX17.