Kind Man Escorts Mother Duck & Her Ducklings to Safety Every Year

Ready to hear one of the cutest stories ever?

It's about Nathaniel Peters and his bi-annual Ballard Mallard Duckling Drop, where he escorts a mother duck and her babies to safety. Apparently, there's a mother duck who lays her eggs on his balcony around the same time every April and June. Once the ducklings have hatched, he waits 30 days to let them grow before sending them down to the street in a duckling elevator, which he created with the help of his partner and local wildlife officials. After they make it safely, he escorts them and Mama Duck to Salmon Bay. LOOK AT THE PICTURES!

"Each time we do this, our priority is the safety of the ducklings and their Mama," Peters says in a Facebook post. "We herd them away from storm drains, create safe routes of passage across busy streets, and insure the safety of our little feathered neighbors. We believe that this is what good neighbors are supposed to do. We look out for each other. We help each other when help is needed. We support each other when we fall down or fall behind."

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