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McDonalds Prank Of A 'Karen' Goes Viral

A 'Karen' gets karma. This incredible McDonald's drive-thru prank is one for the ages.

Everything was fine in an Australian McDonalds drive-thru. It was busy, but one woman was at the order speaker when the woman in the car behind her started laying on the horn.

She was thinking, "Why is this woman honking at me? I didn't take a long time. And there's nothing I can do to make the line go faster."

But the lady continued to honk and piss off her (and everyone else waiting in the car).

That's when the honkee made the honker feel bad. She took the high road. When she pulled up to the pay window, she asked the cashier if she could also pay for the honking woman's food too. When the angry honker got to the window, she felt bad and was mouthing the words "Thank you!".

But here comes M. Night Shyamalan surprise!

When the first woman got to the pickup window, she showed the worker the two receipts and grabbed both orders of food! And drove off!

So the honker would have to go through the drive-thru again to get her food.

The lesson is... be kind and don't honk.

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