Video Game Hall of Fame Inductees Announced

The Video Game Hall of Fame for 2020 have been announced and they are Centipede, Minecraft, King's Quest, and Bejeweled. The Hall of Fame is located in Rochester, NY.

Minecraft gets in because the building block game has revolutionized gaming and had an incredible influence of STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). It's sold 176 million dollars worth of software across all platforms since it's debut in 2009.

Centipede is credited with bringing more women into the arcades when it debuted in 1981. Blasted insects that zig-zagged was a sensation and it's design team included Dona Bailey, one of the few developers of the decade. “It’s also one of the best-selling arcade games of that era and its fast-paced, bug-blasting gameplay is as challenging and satisfying to play today as it was decades ago,” Jeremy Saucier, the hall of fame’s assistant vice president for electronic games and interpretation, said in a released statement.

King's Quest was honored for it's continuing influence on adventure games since it was introduced in 1984. The world of Daventry morphed into 7 successful versions and it's shadow can be seen in adventure games today.

Bejeweled was a flash game that was web based and created in 2001. It's the first mobile game to make it into the HoF. “Players from around the world have devoted tens of billions of hours to playing Bejeweled and the games that it inspired. Now, Bejeweled and its successor puzzle games seem commonplace—a regular part of all our lives,” said curator Shannon Symonds.

Now is the part of the blog where classic video gamers will get pissed off. These are the games that got nominated this year, but didn't make it in. Take a deep breath.


Goldeneye 007

Guitar Hero


Nokia Snake

Super Smash Bros. Melee

Uncharted 2

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