Tornados, Covid, Murder Hornets, Now "Sahara Dust" Coming To Nashville?

2020 seemingly has another crazy curveball to throw at us in middle Tennessee. It really started with the tornadoes and then rolled right into COVID-19. Add in some other severe storms that knocked out power to more people, and then throw social unrest into the mix.

The latest unusual thing to come our way is Saharan Dust from Africa. That's right. Sandstorms in the Africa maybe throwing dust in our forecast for the coming week to land in Tennessee.

To be honest. This actually happens often. Tiny dust molecules from the continent of Africa are quite often swept up into the atmospheric winds this time of year. If the winds and conditions are just right, they can make it all the way across the ocean to the USA, and even Nashville.

map photos: FOX17

But unlike some of the other surprises this year, the effect can actually be good. The dust would be imperceptible if it rolls through Wednesday. But it may make for a beautiful sunset that night if it refracts the light.