Daytime Soap To Use Blow Up Doll For Love Scenes

altered image/Getty Images

altered image/Getty Images

The 'Bold and The Beautiful' has resumed taping, but to be safe in the age of the coronavirus, they're taking an extra safety measure. For the love scenes, they'll be using a blow up sex doll. That's right. The regular actors on daytime dramas have been criticized for their level of dramatics. But they can certainly act circles around a plastic doll right?

Bradley Bell, producer on the show said the decision was made to keep social distancing on set by using blow up dolls for love scenes. He told the NY Post,

"When we were reviewing the scripts we started taking out all the romantic scenes and [the scripts] just fell flat. We put our heads together trying to figure out a way to make these scenes work without breaking the eight-foot [distancing] rule...and we brought out a doll we used years ago as a corpse."

A corpse?! But guess what? It looked convincing (to them).

"It's a great doll and we'll be using her with hair and makeup as a stand-in to match some of our leading ladies," Bell said.

But there's one catch with using the doll for love scenes. There's only one. So they have to put different wigs on it to make it look like the different actors on the show.