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After Battling A Karen, Starbucks Barista Gets 90K In Tips

This Karen was so extra.

Amber Lynn Gilles put a barista on blast. But she had no idea that it was gonna make him some serious coin. Amber turned into a Karen at a Starbucks. When her barista suggested she wear a mask, per company policy and her county's law, she got into it with him.

Amber refused and huffed out of the store indignantly. But then she stormed back in and took a pic of the barista that insisted she follow the law (and public health standards).

Then she tried to roast him on Facebook saying the barista, "refused to serve me cause I'm not wearing a mask. Next time I will wait for cops and bring a medical exemption." 

Many of her other posts displayed her disbelief in any science behind wearing masks. Her attempt to blast the young man who enforced the rules got her plenty of comments taking his side and raking her for being such a "Karen" (the term given to seemingly entitled white women who 'would like to speak to the manager'). Some even politely told her to use the drive-thru if she didn't want to wear the mask.

Her response? “I am not scarred or bothered by your ignorant fraud ass’s, not so sorry you losers got nothing better to do. thanks for the ratings ✌🏻you all act like the terrorist organization you are.”

The barista, Lenin Gutierrez shared his side of the story.

Well, someone set up a GoFundMe for Gutierrez and as of this publication, he has received over 90,000 dollars!

Sorry Amber. You showed who you are and who he is. And he won.

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