Nashville's Opryland 'Sound Waves' Now Offering Locals Day Passes

Opryland's exciting water park, Sound Waves, is now offering day passes to locals who want to enjoy the attractions pools, slides, and thrill rides. Once just the opportunity of hotel guests, anyone can use it as their local water park.

Having used it myself, I can say it's beautiful, fun, and clean. It poke through the enclosure of Opryland to give you part of the park indoors, and part outdoors. Their are 45 ft water slide towers for vertical drops, a wave pool with a giant LED movie screen, indoor surfing, children's play areas, rock climbing, a fast and lazy river, and my favorite... twisting turny fully enclosed waterslides.

Wanna go? here's how.

Starting Monday the 27th (through August 13th), you can purchase a pass by booking it at The price of admission is 49.99 per person. Children under 3 are free.

The passes are available Monday thru Thursday from Noon to 8pm and give you access to both the indoor and outdoor parts of the park. Parking is $10.