Watch As Golden Retriever Works Curbside Service at Chik-fil-A

Ellie is the dog we wish all humans could be.

This dog in Chapel Hill, North Carolina is helping out with the whole social distancing thing. The Facebook video of Ellie is a testament to who how freakin smart she is. Her owner Nick sends her to the curbside pickup at Chik-fil-A. She trots along to the spot, grabs the bag of delicious food in her mouth and walks it back to Nick (without tearing the bag open and devouring the food inside, which is what I would do).

Not shown in the video is the fact that Ellie walks with Nick for almost a quarter mile to his place with the bag in her mouth. Gabriel Baker, from Chick-fil-A told USA Today, "She just walks along with it in her mouth, just trotting along beside Nick. People will honk and wave, especially now that she's famous."

She doesn't do it for free. Ellie gets a pack of chicken nuggets for her efforts. Good girl.