Nashville Symphony Invaded By 150,000 Poop Bombing Birds

2020, the year the Purple Martins attacked the Nashville Symphony's Schermerhorn Music Hall.

150,000 birds have taken over the symphony hall and are roosting, while occasionally flying in menacing flocks circling downtown. The Symphony, hit hard by the shutdown (employees and musicians completely out of work for the foreseeable future from Covid) is hardly in a place to do anything about the clean up from the birds. The Purple Martins have pooped on EVERYTHING. The roof, railings, stairs, statues, trees, landscaping, and courtyards are covered with bird poop.

"They should just kick them out" you say. But no! The Purple Martins are a protected species who are here for just a few weeks to prepare for their trip to South America. Messing with this rest stop for them could affect the global population of the bird.

The Tennessee Wildlife Federation has team up with the Nature Conservancy to help raise money to clean up the symphony after they leave (in about a week).