Political Ads Invade Animal Crossing

📷: @jimchandler's daughter on her Switch

📷: @jimchandler's daughter on her Switch

There's no escape from politics. Not even in Animal Crossing.

During the tumultuous year that is 2020 (pandemic, cultural unrest, charged political atmosphere,) the world turned to the serenity of Animal Crossing: New Horizons for escape. But no. As of Monday, you can decorate your Animal Crossing island cottage with yard signs for the Biden/Harris campaign.

In a year of needing to do everything virtually, you have to go where the people are to get your message across. So buying campaign advertising in one of the world's most popular games could be a stroke of political strategy genius. Joe Biden's campaign says this is a part of their other overall strategy: get people out to vote.

Players can get one of the four different signs by scanning the design QR codes through the Nintendo Switch Online app. It's not the first time someone has bought into New Horizon's ability to reach young consumers. Hellman's Mayo paid for product placement in the game earlier this year.