Nashville's Legendary "Bobby's Idle Hour" Tavern Close To Coming Back

Drive-by observation: "Wait, is that the defunct Bobby's Idle Hour Tavern, but in a different spot?". It is.

If you'll remember, the iconic and devastatingly unremarkable (physically) tavern was sacrificed to the gods of Music Row apartmentification. The classic bar for music row types and tourist buses closed it's doors after decades because a new development was going up on that spot so it could look exactly like all the other new buildings over old stuff. The original location seen below.

But it looks like the people who bought it from the original owner, have found a new place on 9 Music Square S. and are near ready to open the doors.

The new location has been built and already features signage reminiscent of the original. The parking lot has been repaved and spaces have been painted.

Not only is there a building permit in the window showing that the work is being finished inside, there are also signs saying customers have to wear a mask per mandate. Well doing no research whatsoever (it is Labor Day after all), it would seem the old watering hole of Music Row will be back soon.