DYK: Thousands Of Books In Nashville Library Were Bought By Taylor Swift?

Years later, Taylor Swift's charity is changing people's lives. One redditor was surprised to find that the books she ordered for her daughter were paid for by Taylor and Scholastic.

In a post titled: Almost every kid’s book with a strong female lead was donated to our library by Taylor

ihatepandemics89 said:

We just got our library order of Mighty Girl book picks and all of the books were donated by Taylor Swift. My daughter and I thank you Taylor! We were both so excited to see her name. I knew that she was for female empowerment but this is such a fun tangible way to help push young girls in the right direction!

This book is “One Grain of Rice”.

If you reserve books for their current curbside service, you might see this message.

The amazing part of this story is that it's an old story. Taylor Swift got together with Scholastic and made this donation to the Nashville Public Library in 2012. She donated 14,000 books. Many were put into circulation, but others were reserved to be given out as awards for underprivileged kids to earn in a summer reading program.

So Taylor, your gifts keep on giving years later. 😍