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'The Mandalorian' Star Fired. Told To "Get The BLEEP Off The Set"

Pedro Pascal: The man under the mask

Many Youtubers, news outlets, and fan sites have been saying for a while that there's been trouble on the set of The Mandalorian. Now more sources are making it seem more likely to be true. Pedro Pascal, the actor under the helmet, is OUT. He will just do voice overs only.

Word is he was lobbying producers for scenes without his helmet, but was told no. Then he brought his concerns to George Lucas, who also told him "This Is The Way". In other words, no.

Pascal, an acclaimed actor before The Mandalorian, was supposedly frustrated he couldn't use all his skills. Some say he was also jealous of his costars Gina Carano and Baby Yoda (the child) getting all the attention.

Gina Carano

Some outlets have said Pedro was so frustrated that he would take his helmet off in the middle of scenes just to ruin the take. At that point, he allegedly was told to "get the f@#& off the set!". Some say this happened midway through season 2 filming.

From now on, another actor may play Mando physically, but Pedro will do voice overs only.

And that's the tea.

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