Best Times To Avoid Crowds When Early Voting In Tennessee

Early Voting Begins In Tennessee

Early Voting Begins In Tennessee

It's important to vote and Tennesseans came out in droves on the first day Wednesday. Numbers were much higher than the 2016 presidential election.

Early voting is great, but nobody wants to wait in long lines. Or hand out in a crowd (for covid's sake). So wouldn't it be great to know when the lines are small? One metro councilman has graphed out when it's busy and not-so-busy at the early voting locations.

Dark green means it's busy. The lighter the green, the slower it is at the polling place.

Takeaways: The first and last two days of early voting are the worst, especially the last two days. The best days are in the middle of early voting. The best times on those days are at the very start of the day, and near the end of voting hours.