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CarJacker Stops Mid-Jacking To Give Mom A Parenting Lesson.

We never thought a carjacker would be our hero. Until today.

A woman drove to the grocery store in Beaverton, Oregon with her 4 yr old son in the back seat. When she pulled up to the store, she decided to run into the store, grab a gallon of milk, and come back out.

But she left her son in the car unlocked. AND she left the car running!

That's when a carjacker jumped into the running car and took off with her child inside.

Now it gets interesting.

The carjacker circled back into the parking lot, stopped in front of the horrified mother, and let her child out. Then he gave her a lecture about bad parenting!

After giving her a stern 'talking to', he sped off in her car.

"He actually lectured the mother for leaving the child in the car and threatened to call the police on her," a Beaverton police spokesman told The Oregonian.

The car was found abandoned a while later. Police are still looking for the man who steals cars and teaches parents a lesson.

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