Video of Lawyer In Zoom Courtroom Stuck Using Filter That Makes Him A Cat

We now have the video of the lawyer who appeared in zoom court room (because of Covid) who appeared with a cat filter that changed his appearance to an adorable talking kitten. He kept repeating, in the most boring lawyer voice, that he is "not a cat".

In the zoom courtroom of Judge Roy B. Ferguson of the 394th Judicial District Court in Texas, lawyer Rod Ponton suddenly appeared as the adorbs little kitty cat and could not get it to turn off.

Some people have figured out a possible solution. It could be the Live! Cam Avatar that was used with old Dell webcam software called Dell Webcam Manager released in 2007. That might be why he (his assistant) couldn';t turn it off in Zoom.

Here's the priceless moment.

Here's the video Dell released 11 years ago.