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Forget WandaVision Easter Eggs. Let's Talk Grown Up About It & Mankind

If you haven't finished Wandavision on Disney Plus, be warned there's a lot of spoilers here. So go watch it and be enthralled first.

IMHO WandaVision has been the most audacious and exhilarating piece of art I've seen in years. What is art, but the biggest examples of the human condition shown to us in a new and thought provoking way? Wandavision does this beyond measure. So let's go beyond the easter egg talk (what was the meaning of the movie title on the screen at the theater?) and go deeeep.

BTW, don't get me wrong I love the easter egg talk. But there's so much more.

Is Wanda Maximoff one of the most tragic characters in recent history? She loses her parents, her brother, her home, and the love of her life, Vison himself. Several times.

How does she deal with this grief? How does she cope with this immense loneliness? She uses her incredible powers to create a fantasy world where she reanimates her dead love Vision.

Wanda even dreams up the idyllic sitcom life where they start a family with two unreal children.

But what does this false reality do? It draws evil to her.

It enslaves others who must pay the price for her conjured "home".

For more on the good and evil that live in all of us. Watch this incredible "graduate studies level course" on what WandaVision says about Mankind. What is technology, but our efforts to control the events around us? What does it's nostalgia say about Maximoff and us?

This is a priest talking about it, but in the most loving way. If religious talk is not your thing, don't worry. In doesn't come up until about 50 minutes in, and then briefly. Enjoy. I'd love to hear your comments. I'm on twitter and Instagram @jimchandler1075.

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