The App On Your Phone That Grabs The Most Personal Info From You

We know the government's watching everything. Apple has started a new privacy labeling law that makes app makers disclose how much data they're gathering on you. And that has revealed some surprises. But what crazy popular app we voluntarily put on our phones grabs the most personal info on us?

Is it TikTok from China?

Is it that sketchy game we downloaded and never use?

Nope. It's Facebook's brother. Instagram.

If Instagram was Dj Khaled, they'd say "we the best... at taking your personal info and selling it to third parties". Instagram is by far the most invasive, collecting 79% of personal data. The next closest is only 57%. And that app is... Facebook (Instagram's brother). They're both owned by Zuckerberg.

This isn't illegal, but knowledge is power.