STOP Peeing Before You Leave The House 'Just In Case"

Did you ever say, "I don't need to go right now, but I'll pee before I leave the house Just In Case"?

Sabrina Baxter is a physical therapy student and will be getting her degree this May. She says you should only pee when you absolutely have to.

“When you’re about to leave the house and you’re like, ‘I don’t have to pee but I may have to pee so I’m gonna go pee’ … if you do this often, your bladder is never filling up properly,” Baxter said. “It’s not filling to full capacity. You’re peeing when it’s halfway full. So you may have the urge to pee more frequently because it’s only filling halfway. […] You’re essentially sensitizing your body to work at lower volumes than needed.”

She's racked up views, but is she full of... #2?

Dr. Fei Zang, PT, a pelvic floor therapist, told that "habitually peeing “just in case” trains the stretch receptors located in your bladder walls to signal to your brain that you need to urinate when your bladder isn’t actually full. The more you empty your bladder when it isn’t full, the more frequent these urges become.".

It could cause pee leakage. So don't do this. Consult your doctor (the lawyers made me say that).