The Going Rate For A Baby Sitter In Nashville

If you're feeling good about the pandemic and think it's time to leave the kid or kids at home, you might want to know what the going rate for a babysitter is in Nashville. Turns out there is a wage people agree on.

UrbanSitter, A website that connects parents with babysitters has done the research and the rate really depends on where you live. Right now babysitters in San Francisco are earning the top dollars to keep an eye on the kids. For the fourth year in a row, babysitters in the bay area earn about $21 an hour for one child and $23 an hour for watching two children.

It turns out that Nashville babysitting rates land right in the middle of the average. In middle Tennessee, a babysitter earns between $15 and $17.

The national average is about $16 an hour.

If you want to make a little more money than a babysitter, consider becoming a tutor. Those rates start about $20 an hour.