Kacey Musgraves Works Nashville Snow Cone Truck

Grammy winning superstar Kacey Musgraves fulfilled what she called a life-long dream by working at a Nashville shaved ice truck. It started when she posted a photo recently wearing a shirt that said, "Any snowcone stands hiring (right now)?". One snow cone purveyer saw the pic and slid into her DMs.

The result? Kacey worked a shift Friday afternoon for food truck Blue Monkey Shaved Ice. The truck was on 12South, near Draper James boutique. She took orders, prepared dishes, and greeted customers with a big smile.

By the way, the snow cones were free!

Kacey mused that working at a shaved ice stand "is a lifelong dream, just 'cause it's so fun and it makes people happy." She said, "spread a little joy if you can".