Nashville Lowering Speed Limits By 5 MPH

Nashville is dropping the speed limit by 5 mph in several parts of the city. It's part of the mayor's Vision Zero initiative to eliminate traffic-related deaths. Metro Public Works has already started changing the road signs and posted on their Instagram:

MPW crews continue to change speed limit signs from 30 mph ➡ 25 mph around the city and are currently working in Zones 2 & 9. So far, our crews have changed over 2,253 signs.
To learn more about where we are working and what our crews have completed, visit

The speed changes will take place in zones 2 and 9 (circled in red).

Committing to Vision Zero requires the following strategies:

  1. Building and sustaining leadership, collaboration, and accountability – especially among a diverse group of stakeholders to include transportation professionals, policymakers, public health officials, police, and community members;
  2. Collecting, analyzing, and using data to understand trends and potential disproportionate impacts of traffic deaths on certain populations;
  3. Prioritizing equity and community engagement;
  4. Managing speed to safe levels; and
  5. Setting a timeline to achieve zero traffic deaths and serious injuries, which brings urgency and accountability, and ensuring transparency on progress and challenges.