Tennessee Man Jailed For Attempted Murder, Doing Donuts At A Crime Scene

(Shelby County Sheriff's Office via FOX17)

A Tennessee man is in jail accused of attempted murder and doing donuts in his Jeep at a crime scene.

Colby Pugh, has been charged with attempted second-degree murder, vandalism and reckless endangerment in Memphis.

Police reports say a man in a white Jeep drove into a woman's yard and started doing donuts where there were adults and three children playing. They all had to dive for cover.

Then a while later, the report says he returned to the same yard and hit a woman while doing donuts again. She suffered minor injuries.

Three days later, police were investigating a crime scene when a black jeep drove into the scene and started doing donuts. Memphis tv station WHBQ is reporting an officer on the scene identified Pugh as the same person doing donuts in the woman's yard. Pugh reportly told police he painted the white Jeep black so he wouldn't get caught from the first incidents.