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Man's Penis Breaks... It's A Medical First

Photo: Getty Images

It's never happened before. (Well, at least no man has ever reported it)

A man broke his penis during sex. So you don't get queasy, everything turns out OK. Seriously.

But technically there's no actual bone there, right? Right.

But there is now there first documentation in legit journals of one man's penis being broken vertically during sex. The 40-year-old man in the UK was having sex. A penile fracture is actually described as "a tear starting from the tunica albuginea, the protective layer surrounding the erectile tissue that pumps blood to the penis".

Doctors say it feels like a broken bone because there is a "pop" sound like a bone breaking. It's then followed by a large bruise and swelling. And then detumescence returns. Look it up.

Again. He's Ok now. Deep breaths.

We're going to stay technical here to avoid the appearance of locker room humor or gratuitousness. During the act, his member “buckled against his partner’s perineum” causing the extremely rare breakage. Surprisingly, he was just swollen and didn't lose his tumescence for a while.

Doctors ordered an MRI, which showed there was indeed a 3-centimeter-long vertical tear, right side, middle. The usual treatment is surgery and often the patient with a similar problem would be left with a permanent curvature. But guess what?

The surgery was a complete success and the man was able to have normal sexual activity within 6 months.

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