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Crazy Victoria's Secret 'Karen' Flips Out And Screams On Floor

This insane video is going viral after a confrontation at a Victoria Secret store. Immediately, the person taking the video is attacked by a woman who appears to try to slap the phone out of her hand. She ends up on the floor of the lingerie store screaming and quaking!

The person taking the video in a New Jersey Mall claims she just wanted to get her free panties with a coupon.

"GET HER AWAY FROM ME" is trending on Twitter because that's what Karen was screaming as she's running at her.

Holy crap. Look at the first 5 seconds of this. This woman on the floor is flipping out.

The woman taking the video tries to explain her version of the story.

Then the YouTuber "Mama Africa Muslimah" tells police she was "attacked, well almost attacked".

Scene 5 takes us to the popo station.

Mama Africa is not happy with how this is going. The police are getting sick of everything. Mama admits she has no patience because this happened to her a couple of days ago?

Now Mama wants money for her "GoFund" to pay for a lawyer.

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