Video Surfaces Of Bigfoot Holding A Baby Bigfoot?

Sasquatch Crossing

Photo: iStockphoto

Michigan is abuzz over an alleged sighting of bigfoot. But unlike other sightings, this one appears to be carrying something that some say is a baby bigfoot. The very short phone video and still shot get broken down, slowed, down and analyzed in this video by Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization (RSMO) investigator Kyle Shaw.

Shaw says, “I’m not saying it’s Bigfoot, but a lot of what’s going on in this says to me it’s something moving through the river, pushing a wake, and it appears to be carrying an infant. The infant’s head is behind the mother or father. It must be lying on the left shoulder and kind of in the back, but you can see the torso, leg, and foot of the baby. Just incredible.”

I personally think it may be a bigfoot, but I don't think it's a baby. It looks like it's baby deer he may have killed and is carrying it over his shoulder. But who knows? If a female bigfoot is like many animals, it gives birth in the spring. Which would fit the size of what we saw.

What do you think?

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