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Buzzfeed Takes A Dump On Nashville With False Info

Overrated?!!! Nashville is overrated they say.

Buzzfeed took a break from their quizzes like "Tell us what you like on your pizza, and we'll tell you how you will die" or "Tell us your favorite Golden Girl and we'll tell you where you lost your house key". This time they decided to talk to idiots as research and decide which cities are overrated. And Nashville made the list.

To be fair to Buzzfeed, they didn't do any research at all. They just found a Reddit feed for most overrated cities. Obviously, the anarchy plagued city of Portland got a mention.

Some people named that "too cool for the room" city of Austin. And we can't argue. (Mostly because we've never been there)

But Nashville made this list, coming in at #6 based on this incorrect rant from some disgruntled resident:

"Nashville, Tennessee. It's not a fascinating place, you could tour every interesting place in an eight-hour day. We're just a crap-ton of bars to get drunk at and construction everywhere. I heard something like 10,000 new people a day move here and I can't understand why. Rent is stupidly high because of it. We're at almost $2,000 a month for 1,400 square feet 30 minutes out of Nashville city limits. Go away, people, not even locals like being here anymore."

Let's break it down.

"Not fascinating? You can hit all the interesting places in 8 hours"

This statement is: CRAP

"just a crap-ton of bars and construction"

If you don't leave a four block radius. This statement is: CRAP

"10,000 new people a day move here"

Math is hard. It is 100 people a day. This statement wrong times 1,000. Literally. This statement is: CRAP

"Rent is stupidly high"

OK. There are no lies detected on this one.

Here's the top 10 from the list of overrated cities in the world.

  1. Las Vegas
  2. Myrtle Beach
  3. Dubai
  4. Portland
  5. Amsterdam
  6. Nashville
  7. Boulder
  8. Delhi
  9. Atlantic City
  10. Dublin

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