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Experts Say Easy Passwords Are Harder To Crack Than Complicated Ones

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Don't @ me on this one. I'm just as mad as you are.

That crazy password you came up with that has all the crazy letters, numbers, and symbols... it's easier to crack than if you did something much simpler.

I'm not kidding. The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) says you'd be more safe from cybercriminals if you followed their advice. They're advice:


In the Centre's blog, they said putting three random words together is easier for you to remember. And here's the best part. It's harder for the dark web to hack it than the ridiculous password you were told was better.

So instead of trying to remember that password that looks like this: R@&mKly&_0Ow$mP\

You'd be better off with a password like: PancakesScrunchieRabbit

Curiously, the Security Centre says cybercriminals have set up their software looking for those little tricks we were told to use. So the "@" instead of an "a" doesn't fool them. Neither does putting a zero instead of an "O".

They said, “Counter-intuitively, the enforcement of these complexity requirements results in the creation of more predictable passwords. By following this advice (three random words), people will be much less vulnerable to cybercriminals and I’d encourage people to think about the passwords they use on their important accounts, and consider a password manager.”

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