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School Board Fight Near Nashville Turns To Mob Threats to Testifying Doctor

A 4 hour contentious debate south of Nashville broke into a very threatening encounter from an angry mob and a doctor who came to testify about masks and their effectiveness in the halting of the Coronavirus and it's variants. After a jammed meeting about the subject, an angry mob came after the doctor in the parking lot as he tried to leave.

The post says: 😷 WILLIAMSON COUNTY ANTI-MASKERS: “We know who you are! We will find you! You’ll never be allowed in public again!”

A doctor who testified for a mask mandate is hassled and threatened on the way out. Before several men yell about knowing where he is and finding him, they stated they are "AT WAR!".

Did you notice the doctor trying to take a picture of these aggressors? The people with bold threats then tried to hide their faces. How brave?

There used to be a saying in the United States that people quoted all the time...

"I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it".

Really? Did people use to say that? (heavy sarcasm)

UPDATE: For those that said the source of the video makes it not real, here are other news outlets.

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