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Never Take A Shower During A Thunderstorm. Fact or Myth?

Thunderstorm over Nashville, TN

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My mom used to tell me things that were dangerous. Besides the gum I swallowed that will NEVER, ever digest, there was one warning that stuck with me.

"Don't take a shower during a thunderstorm. You'll get electrocuted."

My wife also heard this at home. And we passed it along to our kids who don't take a shower when there's a thunderstorm. And it seems that's all we have in Nashville lately.

But is this a myth? Or is it real?

Rear View Of Woman Taking Shower In Bathroom

Photo: Getty Images

Well, I checked with the National Weather Service.

It is true! Don't do it.

The channel of air through which lightning passes can be heated to 50,000°F—hotter than the surface of the sun! The rapid heating and cooling of the air near the lightning channel causes a shock wave that results in the sound we know as “thunder.”

Here's their advice.

Mom was right!

Don't believe me? Here's the proof.

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