Toxic Hammerhead Flatworms Invading Tennessee.

Hammerhead worms, known for their ax-like heads, are an invasive species and they are making a home in Tennessee. They come from southeast Asia but they have are making their way around the world. And many have been spotted here in the volunteer state.

They are toxic, but not deadly to humans. They do have a toxin to protect themselves from predators. The toxins released can cause skin irritation to humans if they touch them. They can cause more problems to other pets or animals, especially if they swallow them. Eww.

The worms (that inspire a bit of cringy-ness) can grow as long as 15 inches.

Here's where it gets super creepy. Field and Stream says here's how you should kill one if you see one:

-spray it with vinegar, OR

-cover it in salt, put it in a sealed plastic bag, and put it in your freezer (my God!)

I just thought of another way to dispose of one...

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