Dog The Bounty Hunters Says Brian Laundrie is a "Gentleman".

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Dog The Bounty Hunter (Duane Chapman) has been trying to insert himself into the hunt for Gabby Petito's possible murderer, Brian Laundrie. At first, we were thinking, "if he can do better than the FBI, go for it!". But now, we're thinking he needs to crawl away and not be seen or heard from.

Talking to The Sun, he said of Laundrie "I was told by a very close source that he was a gentleman".

While Brian is not yet implicated in the strangling death of the girl he was traveling with all summer, did not report her missing, returned home in her van without her, refused to talk to authorities, and then went on the run, he is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Photo: Getty Images

Dog the BH is speculating that Brian committed the murder and has spun quite a tale of how he thought it went down.

He believes Laundrie called his parents after the murder.

“I think he started, ‘Mom she was screaming, she was screaming and I put my hand over her mouth,’ and I’ve heard this, I’ve seen this in court,” he said to The Sun.

"I know that she was very verbal because as they were arguing one time, the vacationers around them heard her yelling." He may be referring to their roadside argument caught on Utah police bodycams.

"I know that he calmed her down usually by grabbing her mouth like this because when you grab someone’s mouth like that you know she was verbal," Chapman said.

“I know that he calmed her down usually by grabbing her mouth like that.”

In the bodycam footage, Laundrie does say he grabbed her face once to calm her down.

While none of us truly know what happened, this sounds a lot like victim-blaming from Dog. Like, "if she would just calm down or be quiet, this wouldn't have happened".

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