Stay At A Squid Game Headquarters Lookalike Airbnb!

Photo: Getty Images

If you ever wanted to feel you were in Squid Game, but without the "elimination" part, you can come close. There's an Airbnb in Spain that looks like Squid Game Headquarters. But you'll be staying there more like one of the "VIP"s because this place is beautiful.

Calpe, Spain is the home of this vacation rental with gorgeous rooftop pools, cinematic vistas, and plenty of colorful walls and stairs. But if you think they're ripping of the Netflix show, it was designed by Ricardo Bofill in 1968, and built in 1973. There are studios, and two- and three-bedroom apartments for rent. 

Stays range from $110, all the way up to $270 a night. Not bad for all the amenities and a fab view of the Balearic Sea.

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