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Tennessee's REJECTED License Plates

If you want a personalized vanity plate in Tennessee, you gotta follow the rules. It can't be offensive, misleading, and must be in good taste. We thought we'd share some of the plates that got rejected.

For instance, you can't infringe on someone's creative property. So if you're like us and want to honor Dolly Parton, you can't infringe. So they rejected DO11Y. <--- You see what they did there? They tried to slip it by the TN Department of Revenue (who oversees this stuff) by using a "1" instead of an eye. They're onto that trick.

A No Time To Die fan tried to get a 007 tag. Denied.

Someone wanted plates ardi B and Megan Thee Stallion. Denied.

They don't like fart jokes. WHOFRTD? Denied.

How about BUTTZ? Nope.

They also said the plate MO1ST (a word that makes a remarkable people feel icky) was off limits.

Apparently a lot of plates tried to roast the University of Alabama, but got nixed.

A Disney fan was not feeling the love tonight when S1MBA got rejected.

And plans to have a GOTWEED tag went up in smoke.

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