Nashville Has A Secret Tunnel Under Broadway For VIP's.

In the midst of some very upbeat news for Downtown Nashville, there's a story that's really cool. SECRET TUNNELS!

The good news is that the new Food Hall-Retail-Nightclub complex, Fifth & Broadway, has already had 5 million unique visitors. That is great news for downtown that has suffered a lot during the covid era. But then the story takes a turn towards something that pinged our radar.

The Justin Timberlake-backed Twelve Thirty Club is at one end of a secret tunnel that connects the nightclub/dining complex with Bridgestone Arena.

That's right. There is a secret tunnel under Broadway. This allows VIPs at Bridgestone Arena to get into the Twelve Thirty Club without ever having to cross the street where the "normies" are.

We want this tunnel. We also don't want to have to be on Broadway!

This secret tunnel is revealed in the video below.

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