Brentwood Church Leader Gwen Shamblin's Will Exposed. Not What She Preached

Photo: 📷: FOX 17

The will of Brentwood's Remnant Fellowship Church leader Gwen Shamblin, has been exposed and the findings in it are eye opening.

The church has been investigated on and off again for over 20 years. Started by weight-loss entrepreneur Gwen Shamblin, the church and its activities have been called a cult by many. HBO has been doing an expose on Gwen (The Way Down) and her church, her newest Tarzan-playing husband, opulent wealth, and its involvement in a child murder case.

Remnant Fellowship Church. Brentwood, TN (📷: FOX 17)

Gwen Shamblin turned her weight loss program into a religion and began the church in Brentwood, TN. She was worth millions and millions when she died in a crash aboard a private jet with other church leaders several months ago. This news investigation into her will reveals even more shocking details.

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