Invasive Spider Terrifying People Near Tennessee. They're Coming.

Japanese Joro orb-weaver spider eating a grasshopper

Photo: Getty Images

(A Japanese Joro spider, a type of golden orb-weaver, Trichonephila clavata, feeds on a small grasshopper in a forest near Yokohama, Japan.)

Invasive Asian spiders have taken hold in nearby parts of Georgia. Joro Spiders haven gotten everyone's attention in the northern parts of the state as they leave a thick, golden web that can be seen on porches, power lines, and vegetable gardens.

One homeowner says he's got webs 10 feet deep on his front porch, making it impossible to use that entrance. At his count, he's killed at least 300 of them.

Others have stopped using leaf blowers as it spreads their extremely thick webs everywhere when the wind catches 'em.

Beautiful close-up of Nephila clavata spider known in Japan as Joro gumo isolated on black background with flare.

Photo: Getty Images

Originally found in Japan and other Asian countries, is now so rampant in Georgia that is now considered a native species to Georgia.

Entomologists at the University of Georgia say it is a matter of time before these arachnids take over the entire south. They're all expected to die mid-November, but will likely come back in stronger numbers next year.

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