Nashville Offers Plane Tickets If You Refer Someone To Get A Vaccine

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Nashville really wants people to get vaccinated. So they are dangling the carrot of plane tickets to fly to over 300 destinations in 60 different countries if you can persuade a friend or loved one to get the Covid vaccine.

Now through the 22nd, you can refer a friend, family member, or child from 5-11 to get a shoot. And it doesn't have to be their first shot. It can be a referral to get a booster too.

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The grand prize winner will be determined based on the number of referrals they are credited for. Referral cards are available at Metro Public Health Department vaccination sites only, including all drive-thru clinics, and community vaccine pop-up sites. Vaccine recipients can write the contact information of the person who referred them to get vaccinated. 

So it sounds like you have to jump through a few hoops here to get a shot at the grand total of 2 tickets. (Does it sound like I'm whining? Cuz I am.) I know I might be more motivated if I had a chance at one of ten pairs. They don't even have to be tickets to another country. OK, I'm done.

Nashville has a vaccination rate of 58%.

American Airlines, who's donating the tickets to help the city effort, said, “American Airlines is proud to play a role in this effort by Mayor Cooper to boost vaccination rates in Nashville. We know vaccines are key to beating COVID-19 and getting back to activities like visiting loved ones and traveling for leisure and business. Our team welcomes the opportunity to contribute to the great work happening at the local and federal level to defeat the pandemic.” 

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