App Finds Your Pet's Doppelganger In Famous Paintings.

If you've ever stared at your dog or cat and thought they are a work of art, maybe they are.

A new feature on a Google App allows you to upload a picture of your pet, and they will find famous paintings that look like them. So your dog might just look exactly like a dog in a painting from the renaissance. Your cat might be a perfect doppelganger from a painting in the Swedish Museum of Fine Art.

I used my dog Wally, a cocker spaniel rescue from Nashville Humane, as a test subject. Most were pretty close. But one was waaaaaay off. He does not look like a demon dog from hell.

Also tried it with my daughter's cat Momo. Gotta say they nailed it.

Wanna do this yourself? Download the Google Arts and Culture app from the Play Store and in the App Store. Show us what comes up. Tweet them to @woodyandjimshow.

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