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The Least Obedient Dog Breeds.

Carefree restful little pug dog lying on blue bedclothes, embracing tiger dolls while having pleasant dreams. Pets with freckles sleeping in bed after tired all day. Restful animal

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The website AlwaysPets.com has completed a lengthy look at dogs that are stubborn and not very obedient. Some of these are going to be quite obvious as they've become the poster dogs for toughness/stubbornness. Take for example the Bulldog. It's so tough, it's the symbol for Mack trucks. (but remember they're also calm and affectionate)

Pugs are on the list. While Doug the Pug is a super good boy, most pugs have a reputation for being "less compliant" with what you want. (They're also mischievous and affectionate)

Pretty much every breed of terrier made this list of disobedient dogs. (But they are smart and friendly)

Lhasa Apsos have a reputation for being extremely difficult to train, and usually require the help of a professional. (But they're amusing and intelligent)

They can use their superior noses to hunt things down, but many hounds just don't want to listen to you. (But they're also mellow and patient)

The dog they put at #1 on the most disobedient list is...

Great Pyrenees (but at least they're intelligent and laid back).

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