Dolly Parton/Nashville Predators Night Coming? And A Dolly Jersey?

Photo: Getty Images North America

Sometimes a crazy idea is not so crazy idea after all. One artist floated the idea of a Dolly Parton night at a Nashville Predators game and we are 150% in support of this becoming reality. Not an exaggeration, but there isn't one Preds fan who would miss that game.

Even better, twitter user @arsonandhockey (and graphic artist) Cor came up with a jersey design that the official Preds account approves of.

We also approve. We love the stitching. Nothing but adoration for the Dolly wig on the saber tooth crest. And the fringe on the sleeves is NEXT LEVEL AWESOME.

Our Nashville Predators have had the best connection with the music industry. Make it a charity night. Even if the NHL doesn't let you wear fringe during the game, wear them in warm-ups and then auction them off for charity.

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