This One Song Is Perfect for Day/Night or Anytime According to Science

Photo: Getty Images

There really is a perfect song for anytime.

Aarhus University researchers studied diurnal patterns (the rhythms of daily life) and how they impact our musical preferences. It turns out our musical preferences are very different at various parts of the day. Some songs might appeal to us more in the morning, while others are a night song for us.

But the song "Every Breath You Take" by The Police is the perfect song for anytime of day for the most people. Sure it's message is one of creepy stalking, but it's got everything a perfect song needs.

From NPR:

"[Every Breath You Take is] a very in-the-middle type of song," [lead researcher Ole Adrian] Heggli says. "It's a medium tempo. It's a bit groovy, but not too much groovy. It doesn't have any loud surprises. And it's all over just a very pleasant, perhaps even a bit bland song."
Heggli thinks this research might say something about how musicians can maximize their streaming potential.
"You should really aim for something that's more or less in the middle of the pack. Something that's not too high in tempo but also not too low, and something that's danceable but maybe not too danceable, either," he says.

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